By LIDA - September 10, 2019

A MOODBOARD  is a collecting idea, images, sample, textures, materials in a board. 

The interior designer uses the mood board as a presentation for their creative cohesive and harmonious schemes. It shows the overall design will look before construction work. You can present moodboard by physical or digital. 

What are in the moodboard?

- Layout plan / 3D Pictures 
- Furniture 
- Color schemes
- Textures (  fabric or lather ) 
- Type of wood 
- Floor  

Digital  moodboard 

You can do the Digital moodboard by many software

- Photoshop
- Indesign
- Illustration ( ai )
- Powerpoint

Moreover there also some website for creative layout


moodboad layout


moodboard app


moodbaord web


moodboard app


moodbaord app

 physical moodboard 

It is the real materials pins on the board. 
You might collect all your sample material and stick on board and write the name below. 
A physical moodboard is more interesting because the client can touch and see the real things. 
moodboard presentation

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